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Laminate flooring won’t make you sneeze as it doesn’t hold dirt or dust like carpet and it’s resistant to mold and bacteria. The Abrasion Criteria rating is invaluable when determining the durability of a laminate flooring product. “AC” is the abbreviation for the Abrasion Criteria rating, which is based on a scale of one to five, with five being the highest.

This gives us information on what can happen to a section of flooring that gets more sunlight than the rest of a room over time. It’s laminate, all right—the stylish result of continuing breakthroughs in modern technology and manufacturing methods. There are styles that convey the authentic look of wood or the classic appeal of ceramic tile. Good Housekeeping participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. “The flooring manufacturers caution against them and it may even void your warranty.” While the steam mop brands may claim they’re safe, check what the care guidelines are for your floor first. Today’s laminates are more resistant to moisture and spills, but the steam can still cause warping and other damage.

Not only does this product resist water, but it does so for an extended period of time—you have 24 hours to clean up that spill before it begins damaging this flooring. With its waterproof construction and a look that is almost indiscernible from real wood, Pergo TimberCraft is one of the best laminate flooring options you can lay in your home. It features Pergo’s WetProtect technology, which waterproofs this laminate flooring. It also has an AC4 rating, which means this laminate flooring is capable of handling commercial use, making it suitable for even the busiest areas in your home.

Again, THANK YOU and your staff and we look forward to working with you again should the need arise for any type of flooring. Your attention to detail in the estimate phase was what ultimately made us choose Pasadena Floors over several other flooring companies. When you first came to our house you made suggestions that in the end proved the right things to do with the floors we purchased. The process went as smooth as any purchase and installation I have been involved in. Click here to view the many products that our store offers learn more about us. Our more environmentally friendly & functional mechanically frothed high density cushion products help create a more environmentally friendly indoor living environment.

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Not to mention, hardwood floors can be difficult and costly to repair. Laminate can be a terrific option when looking for flooring that looks and feels like real materials, but at half the cost and with more durability. Because of today’s technological advances, laminate flooring is available in a wide and exciting array of colors and textures, and mimics popular hardwood styles and even stone.

Tarkett Laminate flooring combines high quality with high design and easy installation. Styled and designed for your lifestyle, Tarkett laminate is ideal for any home, and some commercial applications. Durable, indent resistant and easy to clean, laminate is pet friendly. Transition strips are what you place in between your new flooring and where it meets with pre-existing flooring, step downs or exterior doorways. Not only does it create a cleaner visual between different flooring types and doorways, but it also leaves room for the natural expansion and contraction of the laminate flooring.

Like vinegar, ammonia can break down seals and coatings, leaving your floor dull and damaged. When you’re finished, remember to check for gaps and loose boards. If you find any, use a rubber mallet and a spare piece of laminate to tap the offending board back into line. When you think laminate, Pergo is usually the first brand that comes to mind. Although consumers have a love/hate relationship with this brand, the Outlast Plus collection receives high marks in both durability and style.

The North American Laminate Flooring Association is a trade association of laminate flooring manufacturers and laminate flooring manufacturer suppliers in the United States and Canada. Inferior glueless laminate floors may gradually become separated, creating visible gaps between planks. It is important to “tap” the planks back together using the appropriate tool as gaps are noticed in order to prevent dirt filling the gaps, thus making it more difficult to put into place. Installation of laminate flooring – note underlay to allow for contraction, expansion, and moisture control and method for squaring and distancing from wall. Laminate flooring has grown significantly in popularity, perhaps because it may be easier to install and maintain than more traditional surfaces such as hardwood flooring.

Our online gallery allows you to browse and discover all the different looks laminate floors have to offer. Enhanced textures, high gloss, hand-scraped, smooth-dark, light and medium shades – there are so many options to choose from when it comes to laminate flooring. Get free installation on all laminate, hardwood, vinyl, and carpet. When it comes to choosing the wood laminate flooring that fits your home best, 50 Floor has the variety, quality and expertise you need.

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